My ideology embraces movement patterns investigating quality change and the attention to variances in effort.  In and out of the floor, ride, break, fall, rise, throw, thrash, own, embrace, and embody only begins the journey into movement research.  I entered into dance myself, because of the athleticism dance can offer, and the excitement it can bring by propelling yourself through space with attention and intension.



Current Schedule:

Gustavus Adolphus College, Department Theater and Dance

Level Three Modern (Ages: 11-14), Tuesdays, 5:15-7:15 p.m. Young Dance, Minneapolis, MN

All Levels Jazz, Saturdays, 12:30-2:00 p.m. Zenon, Minneapolis, MN





Class Descriptions

Challenging Habits and Finding Anew in Movement and Dance Making

Composition and Improvisation Class

This class offers experience, application, and evaluation in making dances through the practice of embodied thinking. Participants will have the opportunity to find the functionality and connectivity of understanding their own personal sensory systems; and how structured embodiment exercises, can generate movement, stimulate inspiration, and creativity.  The creative exercises and games presented will have an additional benefit of challenging an individual’s physical movement patterns both in learning and performing. This consequently helps in providing alternative viewpoints in watching, and experiencing dance. In this class, students will have an opportunity, through the process of embodied thinking, to work on current choreographic ideas, or ignite new ones. Students will come away from this class with a piece of created choreography, and unique movement patterns of their own.

Contemporary Jazz: Energy & Effort

Raw, expressive, and musically driven dance.  This class will offer a fused contemporary and vernacular approach to the form serving as the basis for investigating rhythmic complexity and dynamics to a variety of different musical scores. The jazz genre will be the container to explore specificity of effort, energy and stylistic expression. Dance phrases will place emphasis on the physical use of the body allowing release into gravity to perform weighted movement with dynamic intention. The session will prepare the body for jazz dancing through conditioning and somatic exploration, basic stretching patterns, and strengthening exercises. Moving from such foundational physical experiences, jazz dance work focuses on rhythm and performative vibrancy within improvisation, across the floor patterns, jumping steps, footwork, turns, and combinations of phrase work. Overall, physical experiences seek to encourage awareness to internal sensation, growth in technique, musicality, groove, creativity, and self- expression.

 Approaching Modern Dance: Freedom & Ride

This class will be a study of how certain fundamentals of modern dance technique such as alignment, balance, centering and momentum intersect with the experience of being embodied. Warm-up exercises will incorporate conditioning and somatic exploration. Guided improvisation will be used as a means of generating material and excavating content to feed our creative curiosity. We will utilize a variety of ways of learning how to learn movement.