Reflection house

"They were raw in their physicality, attentive in their listening to the sound, each other and the space, and generally just a kinesthetic thrill." Erinn Liebhard

Reflecting on Reflection House written by Erinn Liebhard , Tuesday, March 13, 2018

"We may not be New York, but if you look, you can find funky, creative stuff like what Glaws is doing on a regular basis in the Twin Cities." Sheila Regan

City Pages, Arts and Leisure, Thursday, March 1, 2018 by Sheila Regan 

City Pages, A-List by Sheila Regan

White Space a need to be fed

Lynn Colburn Shapiro, See Chicago, September 2017

Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune, September 2017

Study 1 perceptions: Behind Stuck and Unstuck

"Glaws translates this kind of obsessive attraction into a dance for four women, asking them to challenge their movement habits and take a ride into the unknown." Linda Shapiro

Linda Shapiro, City Pages, Minneapolis

Dance spotlight: The perils of preoccupation, translated into dance at Intermedia

Sheila Regan, Star Tribune, January 2016